On-Board Diagnostic and Performance Data Remote Sharing and Analysis System

The ADUPS project, jointly developed by Parkyeri, Otokar and Yıldız Technical University, as part of the 1511 – TUBITAK Priority Areas Research Technology Development and Innovation Funding Program, enables remote and real-time management of data generated by systems on transportation vehicles and work machines.

ADUPS, improves vehicle performance and efficiency through instant data collection.

Parkyeri’s strategic R&D project, Adups is carried out under the scope of TUBITAK’s 1511 Program, in cooperation with the leading domestic automotive manufacturer, Otokar, and the reputable Turkish academic institution, Yıldız Technical University. ADUPS enables efficient transmission of CAN messages, camera footage and all data compatible with other communication protocols such as RS422 and RS232, using the bidirectional data transmission method via various communication channels such as GSM, Wi-Fi and sattelite. ADUPS thus allows optimization of vehicle systems and ensures increased productivity by remote data collection from on-board systems, generating added value not only for on-road vehicles but also for other vehicle groups.